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The original bike tours of Lima at its purest

Bohemian Tour

A perfect introduction to Lima’s most charming & trendy hoods [read more…]

Urban Tour

Wander through lovely streets and alleys on what is known nowadays as the ‘new heart of the city’ [read more…]

Lima Side by Side Tour

Get inmersed in the city’s heart and feel the beat of the old and new hoods of Lima in a FULL DAY by bike [read more…]

Great way to see Lima

I’m so happy I signed up for this tour and my only regret is not having more time in this great city to see more of its neighbourhoods. Jose was our tour guide and he was absolutely fantastic. He grew up in Miraflores and talked about his own experiences as well as educated us on the history of the area. He was knowledgeable and very approachable. I’m a huge bike rider back home, so something like this is totally down my alley. If you’re not a huge bike person, you’ll still enjoy it. The ride is not physically hard, but you do have to keep your wits about yourself when travelling with other cars. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting the city. I learned a lot and I got to ride around a beautiful area. Nothing but thumbs up from me in this regard! keep up the good work Bike Tours of Lima!


Toronto, Canada

Other Private Tours

Explore our great alternatives to enjoy Lima at your own pace


Feel more comfortable hitting the pavement on your own feet rather than on two wheels? No problem! We have great private walks to take you around the core of the city and discover Lima at an even closer angle [read more…]

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